Influencer Pain Point

  • Limited monetization of existing community of supporters
  • Random toxic people in public tournament forums
  • No ability to engage fans all year long

XR Sports Solution

  • Private gaming (community) league with ability to drive monthly revenue
  • Custom URL, website and backend support for your fans
  • Ability to create unique online and offline event activations

Influencer Approved

User Product Features

  • Daily ladder matches to gain XP
  • Custom Fan rewards and prizes
  • Invite friends and build squads
  • Merchandise portal for influencer swag
  • Cross plateform Support(Xbox, PC, Playstation)
  • Custom wallet to load account

Build For Scale

  • First party data - Custom Dashboard for analytics
  • Multiple sources of incremental revenue from plateform
  • community of partners/affiliates available to drive user adoption
  • Easy integration of popular tools/plug-ins
  • In house customer experience teams for user support
  • Client management system for product & event marketing

Client Requested

Gaming as a Service

  • Competition is the catalyst, bring user
    generated content to your platform
  • Gaming & esports is the fastest growing
    content medium consumed on earth
  • A generation of gaming enthusiasts are now
    sharing gaming experiences with their kids

Build an Ecosystem

  • Faster conversation, create personalized experiences
  • Reward your fans/members with a WOW moment
  • Authentically communicate with gaming enthusiasts